About Us

Steve & Tricia Gough

we have been working full time in body work since 1989- we are the business we do the therapies we answer the phones, we are proud of our business and when you book a treatment it will be us and not anyone else doing your session.


We have learnt many therapies down the years, but what we do is mix and match the treatment to suit your needs, we work with you towards the ¬†outcome you want. We promise not to try and sell you any “product” and unless you want us to we will not ask you “have you been on your holidays yet?” We are client led and most of our clients have been coming to us for many years and we get a lot of new clients from word of mouth.

We are now being more flexible by offering mobile treatments- in the comfort of your own home- or if you prefer at Compass Physio centre in South Road Waterloo- some of the treatments we offer we can only offer at present from our home.

Should you have any questions please get in touch-

Steve & Tricia